Who’s Kevo?

Aside from where I am, you may also be wondering who I am.

I’m back….   …in the United States anyway… for better or worse… I apologize for the lack of updates over
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Puerto Vallarta
  Me and the sun are at odds again… I spent like 5 hours out in the midday Mexican sun
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Best song ever (right now)
Moderatto feat. Belinda – Muriendo Lento The video can be found HERE ’nuff said.
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The short version:  I am a 30-something travel addict.  I decided to share my experiences on this website for the benefit of myself, my friends and family, and whosoever might benefit from witnessing my travel triumphs (and failures).

The long version:

My name is Kevin (or Kevo if you prefer).

My first international trip came at the age of 14 when I managed to talk my way onto a whale watching research cruise for college students that was being run by a neighbor who happened to be a professor of marine biology.  I spent two weeks on a boat in the Caribbean visiting the Bahamas, the Dominican Republic, the Turks and Caicos, and Puerto Rico.

To say I was hooked would be a momentous understatement.  This trip crystallized in me what would become my life’s passion and be the driving force behind the choices I have made over the past 20 years.

At sixteen I took my first solo trip to Canada.

At seventeen I went to Belize by myself for two weeks.

At nineteen I spent five weeks in Guatemala and Belize.

At twenty-one I spent five months in Central America and Mexico — traveling from Panama to New York using only ground transportation.

Since then, I have spent almost every waking minute (and just about every dollar) I’ve had finding opportunities to get out on the road (and in the air) to see as much of the planet as I could.

To date, I have visited 37 countries (as of March 2017).  The more I travel, the more I want to keep traveling.  At this point, I am semi-nomadic (based in San Francisco), but I only tend to be in one place for a few weeks at a time.

I hope you enjoy following along on my adventures and I hope that YOU will get out there as well.  It may seem scary at first, but all it takes is a leap of faith and you can make your travel dreams come true too!