¡Arte Yucateño!

I was supposed to leave Mérida today… but I couldn’t get a ticket yesterday for the bus I wanted… so I decided to peruse more of Mérida’s offerings… I ended up spening a few hours in the Museo de Arte Contemporaneo Ateneo de Yucatan… a modern art museum showing work of Yucatecan artists… There was some really cool stuff there.. I really liked Miguel A. Cime’s paintings… I’ll post pictures below…

There was another exhibit with sculptures from a woman named Naomi Siegmann. This was really cool… the exhibit was called Plantae II and was composed of different sculptures mimicking nature and plants with materials like bronze and old tires as well as real wood and leaves… very cool..

There’s also a night picture of one of the courtyard areas in the hotel as well… and a picture of a church built by conquistadors on the location of a Mayan temple, using the stone from that temple… insulting as hell, eh?

The rest of the day I’m gonna spend on the roof deck at the hotel in a lounge chair or in the jacuzzi 🙂

Then early bed for an early bus tomorrow… 8:30am for an 8hr bus trip.. WOOHOO!

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