Common People

So I don’t have a notebook handy and Common People by Pulp came on the internet radio station I’m listening to and I had to note it down so I remember to download the song when I get home… It’s one of the songs I always hear when out in the city… usually with Polly

I’m in Liberia… and I just realized that I forgot to add Pentel R.S.V.P.’s to the list of things I need sent down to me urgently… the pens down here SUCK…

Umm.. yeah.. that brings me to my next order of business… and that’s that everyone needs to make me mix CD’s and mail, or get them to Marzena some other way asap in order to bring entertainment to my life when she comes down in 10 days… e-mail me at and I’ll give you her address if you’re interested… If you wanna send me brand new CDs that’s ok too.

I think I changed my mind as to the order I’m doing things in the next week or so… I bought a pricey ($10) bus ticket from where I am in Costa Rica into Nicaragua so as to avoid all the annoyance and chaos of dealing with the border stuff on my own… that and there’s a/c and movies  I’m going to head to Granada first.. spend the weekend there… then backtrack an hour or so to San Juan del Sur for a couple days on the beach… then back to Granada again for more fun there…

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