Insane People

So there’s a crazy man in this hostel… He corners people and talks on and on about all his various conspiracy theories and spouts all this information (some truthful, some ridiculous)… And last night the three of us (me, Zelda, and I think his name is Max) were talking and he approached as we were talking about New York and London… and started telling us that soon everyone is going to leave the cities and the retreat into the countryside… comparing it to the collapse of the Maya… (which was probably due to an overuse of resources that couldn’t sustain their high population levels…) and so I thought I knew where he was coming from with the statement…

But then it got extremely weird… Because, according to him, at some point the ambient background radio frequency of the Earth changed, and it changed us from the more monkey-like form that we were originally in… And so his friend has figured this out and is gathering money to build a high-powered transmitter to send out the signal that will revert us all to this monkeyman form… we’ll all grow hair and revert to our “natural” form…

So that’s just a very tiny sampling of what comes out of this man’s mouth… he’s talking at someone behind me right now… About mammoths in India… So, uh… yeah..


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