Puerto Vallarta


Me and the sun are at odds again… I spent like 5 hours out in the midday Mexican sun without sunscreen of any kind… and I don’t know what I was expecting but I’m a little crispy… Not terrible… but definitely a little burnt…

I’ve just been maxin’ and relaxin’ in Puerto Vallarta… a very cool place, indeed… the beach is beautiful and the perfect temperature… not so warm that it’s not refreshing and not so cold that it’s torture to get in… it’s just right…

I’m paying $29 (Yeeps!) for my hotel room but I’m like 10 steps from the beach and have air conditioning and a seaview balcony (pictures below)… Not much of anything exciting going on… just me getting sunburned and not wanting to leave… which I was supposed to do today… but I cut out another town I was going to visit… it was kinda out of the way and I’d rather spend more time enjoying Mexico than sitting on a bus watching Anacondas for the 4th time… (Yes.. I really have seen it 3 times… and it doesn’t get any better with age…)

I’m gonna throw a bunch of pictures up… all sorts of stuff… descriptions at the top of the popup windows.

Only 5 more days in Mexico… AHHHH!!!!

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