Semana Santa has Begun

I arrived back in Antigua, Guatemala today after a half hour boat ride followed by a 2 1/2 bus ride.  I’ve only been here a few hours but I saw my first procession already. They started early this morning and there were 2 today… there will be more and more everyday until Good Friday when the whole town pretty much explodes into parades.

So I found this parade as it skirted the central plaza and even though it was relatively small it was still quite an experience. There are these huge wooden floats with religious statues on them from whatever church this procession was for… except instead of being on wheels and pulled by a truck or something, there’s a whole bunch of people underneath… CARRYING these things… it’s quite cool to watch… then there’s a marching band playing music and a whole bunch of people in dark purple robes marching and little boys carrying these huge incense burners that fill the whole street with dense smoke. Along the edges of the procession are lines of men dressed as Roman soldiers keeping people out of the parade area (not that anyone’s trying to get through or anything…)

I’ll be here until next Tuesday morning when I’m heading out to start making my way to Belize. Some nice fresh pictures hot off the presses below. Oh… there’s a picture of this little creature that existed in my sheets in San Pedro la Laguna too… thats kinda amusing…

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