Zip-Line Craziness

So I’ve been in Monteverde since leaving San Jose the other day… and yesterday I did this crazy zip-line tour of the upper canopy of the cloud forest… I had met up with a couple people on Sunday night at the bar and did the trip with them… It was more of a thrill than a natural experience, but the second part of the tour I booked consisted of a hiking trail interspersed with really long and high foot suspension bridges through the trees… which was amazing… and I spotted a lonely male howler monkey along the way… which quenched my “monkey thirst” for a while… You can see pictures/video of what it’s like here.

Internet’s really expensive up here so I haven’t used it since Sunday morning… and I’m heading down to the town of Liberia, closer to the Nicaragua border to set myself up to cross into Nica on Thursday morning… where I’ll head immediately to the beach town of San Juan del Sur to get some sun in…

Time’s up.. TTYL!

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